Dear Affiliates,


We are delighted to introduce to you the new and improved FansBet platform which is now available within the UK and International markets. Both recent migrations have been a success and all historical affiliate data has now been mapped successfully.

We can now start to accept new traffic within International markets for the MGA territories and this feed has been setup for you to start acquiring customers.

The feed for the UK market is currently getting updated and will be available later in the week. As soon as this is available, we’ll send an update to let you know when you can start acquiring customers again within this market.

We are very excited to offer an array of brand new features with industry leading promotions. Also not to forget a website and mobile product which is quick, easy to use and will complement our outstanding offering.

As we have now moved our licence over to Argyll Entertainment AG in the UK and to our own independent license for MGA territories we have updated our affiliate T&C’s to reflect these changes. You can read these here:

One of the biggest changes to our affiliate T&C´s will be the introduction of Negative Carry Over meaning should your affiliate Net Revenue end up in the negative this will then be carried over to the next month. Note that you can never become in debt but you will not be earning any revenue share until the accumulative Net Revenue is in positive. This will be implemented from Friday 31st July and all previous players that have been sent will remain on the previous agreement until then.

The new admin fee calculation for the UK will be 45% in fixed fees + bonus deduction(s) and 30% in fixed fees + bonus deduction(s) for the MGA and international markets.

When you next log in to you affiliate account you will be notified of the changes to the T&C’s in way of a pop-up, and will need to opt-in to these updates in order to proceed and access your account.

Within the NetRefer system you will also find a selection of Banners and Landing Pages for you to market the new and improved FansBet product!

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us at: and good luck promoting.

Kind Regards,
FansBet Affiliate Team