Dear Affiliates,


We would like to update you further with regards to the upcoming affiliate platform migration from NetRefer to Cellxpert.

Your core affiliate details have now been migrated and transferred over to the new Cellxpert affiliate system. To access your affiliate account and reset your password you will need to follow the steps below:

1. Login to Cellxpert using the following link:

2. Enter your existing FansBet affiliate username (currently active with NetRefer).

3. Enter the following preliminary (case-sensitive) password: 0okm9ijn

4. This will then produce a login fail and you will automatically receive an email to your email address (currently registered with NetRefer) with a different password to login.

5. Please proceed to login again using the following link: along with your existing username and the new password that has been received.

6. Upon your first login, you will be prompted to accept the T&Cs & Privacy Policy and have the option to receive any marketing materials.

Once logged into your Cellxpert affiliate account you will then be able to reset your password through the ‘Account Details’ section and then ‘Change Password’.

It is advised that you check and update any information that has been migrated through the ‘Account Details’ section and make any changes or updates where necessary. You will also need to add your current payment method and any payment details so these are available for future payments.

Please spend a moment to get familiar with the new system and check that your Commission or Reward Plan has been assigned correctly and as agreed. Please note all existing marketing sources from NetRefer and any future player activity after the migration is completed will be assigned to this Commission or Reward Plan.

You will see that all FansBet landing pages and promotion tracking links have been uploaded to the Cellxpert system. You can view and access these under the following sections within Cellxpert – Marketing Tools > All Marketing Tools. If you require any further banner creative or have any further requirements then please let us know.

On Wednesday 1st September we will implement a click proxy which will redirect your existing NetRefer affiliate links (click URLs) to Cellxpert links meaning you will not be required to update any of your existing tracking links to begin with. The click proxy and existing NetRefer links will be valid for 3 months only, meaning the links will require a manual update to the correct Cellxpert tracking links at some point during this period.

After August has concluded, we will then look to transfer/migrate all historic player detail from NetRefer and over to the Cellxpert system. There may be a period of transition where some of the data is unavailable or not displayed, but please rest assured that all historical data will be transferred across to the new system and nothing will be lost.

As a reminder, the NetRefer affiliate system will be available for you to access fully up until Friday 3rd September. After this date the Cellxpert affiliate system will be fully functional and the new affiliate tracking system will be live and in place.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at: or speak to your affiliate manager If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance with any of the points highlighted within this email.

Kind regards,
FansBet Affiliate Team